Ep.147 End-to-End User Experience: Bracket-Busting CIO Strategies That Work

Ep.147 End-to-End User Experience: Bracket-Busting CIO Strategies That Work

Show Notes

📸 Houston Live Podcast Tour at Hotel Zaza

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🎙 About the episode

Lisa Kent, CIO, and Summer Xiao, Deputy CIO, of the City of Houston, share insights on improving customer experience and creating a culture of empathy in large organizations.

They stress the importance of learning from business units and providing them with guidance. They also discuss HR projects and critical vacancies. The speakers touch on resource management and how to handle under-resourced organizations.

Finally, they talk about continuity of operations planning and training, including updating continuity plans and conducting exercises.

🎙 Q&A Highlights

25:18 - Meg Hare, Accenture

26:26 - Chris Newport, Accenture

28:38 - Chris Winnek, TX Military Department

33:17 - Kendra Allen, Deloitte

36:45 - Kapil Nagpal, Nagarro

40:49 - Eric Carter, Quest

42:53 - Craig Parker, Loblolly

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