Ep.151 From the Red Zone to the End Zone: CISO Cyber Strategies that Won't Bust Your Bracket
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Ep.151 From the Red Zone to the End Zone: CISO Cyber Strategies that Won't Bust Your Bracket

Show Notes
Featuring Ryan Murray, State CISO, State of Arizona; Krishna Edathil, CTO/Assistant Commissioner, Texas Higher Ed. Board, and Tim Roemer, ThriveDX President & Fmr. State CISO, State Arizona

We're all talking to the same people... How do we replicate that out to those other entities and then help give them the resources to do it? ~ Ryan Murray

I'm not the CTO; I'm the Chief Trust Officer... You can achieve [that] through the people and the relationship and then the trust that you build with them. ~ Krishna Edathil

I think cybersecurity really starts with the basics... It's about blocking and tackling like the core basics and fundamentals of football. ~ Tim Roemer

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As fall gets into swing, we shift this episode’s sports focus to football and its many relevant analogies to the world of cybersecurity. Tim, Ryan, and Krishna share about the commonalities and differences across Arizona and Texas in their cybersecurity stances and plays. Similar to football, the best defensive plays are where every team player knows their gap assignment before the ball is ever snapped. Listen in as we learn about the importance of community and agency collaboration and insights on the best ways to stop the run, including:

  • The Big Game: Arizona vs. Texas: Plays and Cyber Strategies
  • Pre-season Training: How to strengthen cybersecurity posture through training and educating team employees to recognize and respond to threats
  • On the Field: Why the best defensive schemes often include the ability to shift from one front to another
  • Boosters Club: The importance of building trust among stakeholders, including public and private sector entities
  • Next Season’s Draft Picks: How new team members bring fresh perspectives and the ability to innovate quickly, potentially accelerating technology adoption and modernization efforts
  • And more!

🎙 Q&A Highlights

  • 29:05 Meg Hare, Accenture
  • 30:58 Chris Humphreys, The Anfield Group

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