Ep.152 Transforming Legacy Systems: A CDO & CISO Blueprint for Success

Ep.152 Transforming Legacy Systems: A CDO & CISO Blueprint for Success

Show Notes
Featuring Shauna Rogers, CDO, Texas Attorney General, and Celerino Torres, CISO, Texas Attorney General

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🎙 About the episode

A favorite part of this Live Podcast Tour in Houston was bringing on someone unplanned who turned out to be a major contributor to the conversations of the day. It’s the beauty of these more intimate events, having the ability to pivot the conversation to what is relevant not two years ago, but that day, in that moment. Listening back to Shauna and Celerino was not unlike catching up with the latest Ahsoka series- between the ebb and flow of one moment as mentor, the next as student- and the importance of being able to stand in either position.

So for all the Star Wars fans out there- Celerino we are looking at you- this episode hyperjumps from our sports themes of late into galaxies not-so-far away, of CISO/CDO topics including:

  • World Between Worlds: Prioritizing the spirit of the law over the word of the law, with security integrated into every aspect of solution architecture
  • “These are not the droids you’re looking for:” The importance of educating employees about safe technology use
  • Addressing data governance in the era of AI and chat platforms through legislative mandates and data classification
  • “Hey, Snips:” The significance of leadership in pushing individuals to achieve their potential
  • Using gamification as a tool to engage and build culture
  • “Help Me…You’re My Only Hope:” The challenge of updating security control policies and staying ahead in the evolving technology and governance landscape
  • And more!

🎙 Q&A Highlights

  • 33:28 Meg Hare, Accenture
  • 35:06 Darrell Tompkins, CIO, Texas Water Development Board
  • 37:55 Mark Kochanski, Snowflake
  • 40:10 Chris Humphreys, Anfield Group

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